The Golden Light of a Daydream Dawning.

First post ever. Could anything be more daunting.. After torturing myself for days on what to write for my first post, i decided to just ‘barf on paper’. Figuratively of course. Word vomit gets me going. That’s what editing is there for! Anyhoo, my foray into the immensely vast world of blogging was primarily brought on due to a need for an outlet. An outlet where I can express myself in a judgement-free zone, at least i hope.

For now, I’m planning to post unbiased reviews on makeup and skincare products that i love(and hate), as well as write short stories on random things that i happen to be dwelling upon. Aside from that, I will also be posting up new songs every week. I derive great pleasure from discovering new music and sharing it with my friends is the second best thing. I get hooked on a different song every week, so this way, i get to share my (not so lethal) addiction.

Ivana x


5 thoughts on “The Golden Light of a Daydream Dawning.

  1. Thank you for finding me and welcome to the blog world. You will find a great group of,people here, just be yourself, word vomit regularly 😊 and just have fun. Can’t wait to see more of your posts ☀️ Peace and blessings. Kim


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