My Twitchy Tomato

It was the sort of pleasure that burned. A slow burn. However small, however hidden. It started from the tips of her fingers, her nails raked his scalp lightly as she combed them through his hair, and ended where their lips met. She brushed her trembling fingertips down the side of his face, combing through the soft whisper of his beard as he buried himself in her heart. She marveled at the clear blue looking back at her, wondering if he knew what she saw in them. He sparked flames of desire to spread across her skin, begging to be soothed. Flickering. She fell apart at his touch like paper put to a flame. Reduced to ashes. Smouldering.

She’d been broken before. She knew what it was like. But with nights like these, she could forget everything for a little while. Escape. She had forgotten what it felt like to have someone look at her that way. To be held that way. To be kissed that way. To discover someone that way. To laugh that way. To forget the world.

Sometimes, when you experience something that overwhelms you. Something unexpected. That’s when your priorities change.

She could feel herself sliding off the course that they’d prepared. They lay there, a woozy youth whispering wicked words with a drunken slur. She sipped his silky smooth scent through her numb lips as his lips left their mark on her. Often. Tangled in a bed of warmth and limbs, she held him to her, their velvet tongues tied, floating before a sea of sky. He drew lines down her back as she laid in his arms, arching towards him, acheing for more. The fistful of stars behind her eyes blurred together like dizzy neon lights as they listened to the soothing thunder of their heartbeats.

She knows it’s going to be over soon. But it just seems so real. It’s almost like a cruel joke. They say wise women listen but don’t believe and leaves before they are left. But she wants to believe and she’s not ready to leave just yet. She has this nagging desire to be close to him. She can’t even begin to explain something that she herself doesn’t understand. When all is said and done, she knows that once he leaves, she’ll feel alone again. People are rarely surprising and usually disappointing. You surprised me potato.